International Assembly

July 20 – 24, 2022
Reconciling the World to Christ

Schedule | Horario | Horaire

9:00 AM

  • Moderated by General Overseer Sam Clements
  • Morning Prayer: Core Value of Prayer led by Gena Kernazhytski
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team

9:45 AM

  • Greetings Host Overseer, Bishop Gary Smith

10:00 AM

  • Official Opening of Assembly by General Overseer Sam Clements
  • Presentation of General Overseer Select
  • Presentation of Affirmed General Presbyters

10:45 AM

  • Business Reports
  • Finance Director’s Report
  • Corporate Board
  • Finance and Stewardship Committee
  • Biblical Doctrine and Polity Committee

2:00 PM

  • Business Continues

6:00 PM

  • Doors Open

7:00 PM

  • Moderated by Bishop Sam Clements, General Overseer
  • Opening Celebration
  • Parade of Nations
  • Offering led by Bishop Nathaniel Beneby and the Assembly Offering Committee
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • Introduction of Evening Speaker
  • Sermon by Bishop Dr. Woodley Thompson

9:00 AM

  • Moderated by Bishop Dr. Tim McCaleb, General Presbyter of Asia, Australia, and Oceania
  • Morning Prayer: Core Value of Harvest led by Bishop Noni Que

9:45 AM

  • Bishop Ordination Service under the direction of Bishop Dr. Tim McCaleb, General Presbyter of Asia, Australia, and Oceania

11:00 AM

  • Spirit and Life Seminary Commencement Ceremony

2:00 PM

  • Workshop Session One

3:30 PM

  • Workshop Session Two

6:00 PM

  • Doors Open

6:30 PM

  • Concert with the Bahama Brass Band

7:00 PM

  • Moderated by Bishop Dr. Gabriel Vidal, General Presbyter of South America
  • Our Core Value of Prayer
  • Welcome and Introduction of Fraternal Guests
  • Fraternal Delegate Greeting by Bishop Dr. Doug Beacham, International Pentecostal Holiness Church
  • Honoring General Overseer Sam and Linda Clements
  • Offering led by Rev. Michael Luithle, Assembly Offering Committee
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • Introduction of Evening Speaker
  • Sermon by Bishop Clayton Endecott, General Presbyter of Europe, CIS, and the Middle East

9:00 AM

  • Moderated by Bishop Dr. Benjamin Feliz, General Presbyter of Central America, Mexico, and Spanish-Speaking Caribbean
  • Morning Prayer: Core Value of Leadership led by Flavio Rosario
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team

9:45 AM

  • Our Core Value of Harvest
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • General Overseer’s Biennial Address, Bishop Sam Clements

12:00 PM

  • Mission Encounter

6:00 PM

  • Doors Open

6:30 PM

  • Concert with the Bahama Brass Band

7:00 PM

  • Moderated by Bishop Tim Coalter, General Presbyter of North America
  • Our Core Value of Service
  • Children’s Ministries Program led by Bishop Dr. Shaun McKinley, International Director of Children’s Ministries
  • Special Guest Presenter: Dr. Wess Stafford
  • Youth Ministries Program led by Bishop Kirk Rising, International Director of Youth Ministries
  • Offering led by Bishop Franklin Ferguson, Assembly Offering Committee
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • Introduction of Speaker
  • Sermon by Pastor Zach Kelley, Breezewood Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina

9:00 AM

  • Moderated by Bishop Dr. Clayton Martin
  • Morning Prayer: Core Value of Stewardship led Bishop Hernandes Fernandes Filho, Brazil

9:45 AM

  • Our Core Value: Leadership Development
  • Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministries
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • Message by Rev. Dr. Felicia Payano, Texas

2:00 PM

  • Caribbean Celebration
  • Hispanic Celebration

6:00 PM

  • Doors Open

6:30 PM

  • Concert with the Bahama Brass Band

7:00 PM

  • Our Core Value: Biblical Stewardship
  • Opening Song by Assembly Worship Team
  • Offering led by Bishop Rupert Neblett, Assembly Offering Committee
  • Special Music
  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • Introduction of Speaker
  • Message by Bishop Daniel Felipe, Texas

9:00 AM

  • Moderated by Bishop Sam N. Clements
  • Morning Prayer: Core Value of Service led by Rev. Janice Roseboro

9:45 AM

  • Worship by Assembly Worship Team
  • Mission Church Awards and Recognition
  • Closing Challenge by Newly Selected General Overseer
  • Moments of Honor
  • Special Recognitions
  • Appointments
  • Consecration and Commissioning
9:30 AMMissions Clothes Closet (Missionaries Only)
9:45 AMPresentation of General Overseer Select

9:30 AMMissions Clothes Closet (Home Missions)
9:45 AMBishop’s Ordination Service**
11:00 AMSpirit and Life Commencement Ceremony**
12:00 PMHispanic Leadership Luncheon*
12:00 PMCaribbean and Atlantic Ocean Islands Luncheon*
 2:00 PMWorkshop Session One
 3:30 PMWorkshop Session Two
 5:00 PMGeneral Overseer’s Fraternal Dinner*

10:00 AMGeneral Overseer’s Biennial Address**
12:00 PMMission Encounter
12:00 PMChildren’s Ministries’ Leadership Luncheon*
 5:00 PMLDD Dinner (Title Coming)*

 7:00 AMAssembly Missions Breakfast
12:00 PMAsia, Australia, and Oceania Leadership Lunch*
12:00 PMNorth America Overseer’s Luncheon*
12:00 PMSLS Faculty Luncheon*
 2:00 PMCaribbean Celebration
 2:00 PMHispanic Rally
 2:00 PMEurope, CIS, and Middle East Fellowship*

*By invitation only.
**Approximate start time. Early arrival encouraged.

Keeping Our focus on Core Values

At the heart of our movement are core values that help us

“Reconcile the World to Christ
through the Power of the Holy Spirit.”


The people of God must be houses of prayer “always” engaged in touching heaven for the Divine provision to carry out the Kingdom mandate on earth.


The harvest of souls for whom Jesus died must be our priority. We commit to be focused and engaged in the harvest, into which Jesus has sent us.

Leadership Development

We will strive to continually raise the quality of leadership to better serve future generations by addressing tomorrow’s challenges.


God has entrusted us with the care, development, and utilization of his resources. We must manage them according to his desire and purpose.


Do nothing out of selfish ambition. Humbly value others above yourself. See to their interests instead of yours.
Philippians 2:3-4 (Paraphrased)

About IA2022

The International Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy will be held July 20 – 24, 2022 at the Oklahoma City Convention Center.  This beautiful facility is a new addition to the Oklahoma City downtown area.  It is placed near the recently designed Scissortail Park which is 40 plus acres of family friendly facilities.

Our Events

Inspirational Preaching

Services throughout the week will feature anointed speakers from around the world.

Children's Assembly

Children will be excited to take part in an Assembly just for them!  Fun, Learning and Fantastic.

Business Sessions

Business sessions help guide our movement and present vision.

Inspirational Worship

Anointed musicians and singers lead us in worship in multiple languages and different forms of music.

Special Events

Special luncheons, workshops, and other events are planned throughout the conference.

Exhibit Hall

Discover new ways to broaden your ministry–visit the departmental and exhibitor booths.

Hotel Accommodations Available Now!

Online Booking

Easy registration

Multilingual Options

Hope to see you there!

Oklahoma City – The Modern Frontier

Named one of the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020 by Travel + Leisure, Oklahoma City offers all of the culturecuisineattractions, and amenities you’d expect in a modern metropolis. With its rugged Western pastworking stockyards, and title as “Horse Show Capital of the World,” it’s rich in cowboy culture, as well. From family fun to romantic retreats to outdoor adventures you won’t find anywhere else, Oklahoma City has plenty of hustle without all the hassle.


What Others are Saying

The International Assembly is a long standing tradition in our family.  We have always been blessed by attending. It is a time to gather with others from other countries and share testimonies of God’s faithfulness. Praise and worship is amazing! The musicians and singers are annointed and it really recharges us to go back home and share what God is doing.

I have been blessed to attend the International Assembly many times.  I am always moved to find that there are so many people from all around the world that worship the same way that I do.  I love to go back and tell others about how God has put us in one big family in the Church of God of Prophecy.

Being new to the Church of God of Prophecy, I was totally unaware of the far reach of the church to the world. At the Mission Encounter event I was able to talk and meet some of the missionaries that our church supports. I felt like I had known them all my life even though they spoke different languages and lived thousand of miles from me. My whole view of the great commandment totally change and I look forward to going to the next Assembly. Everyone should experience what I got to see at least once!

Our Leadership

Sam Clements

General Overseer
General Presbyter of Africa

Clayton Martin

General Presbyter
Caribbean Islands

Tim Coalter

General Presbyter
North America

Tim McCaleb

General Presbyter
Asia, Oceania & Australia

Clayton Endecott

General Presbyter
Europe, CIS and Middle East

Gabriel Vidal

General Presbyter
South America

Ben Feliz

General Presbyter
Central America

So many things to see…

Come early or stay late and see some great sites.  Oklahoma City has a ton of family friendly and historical sites to see.  Click the link below to go to the Visit Oklahoma Website for more information on what you can see and do.

Check out the Convention Center website to help you plan your visit to OKC!

OKC Streetcar! See More!

Get around quickly and easily utilizing the Streetcar. This convenient mode of travel takes you through Midtown, Bricktown, and most of the downtown area. It’s many stops allows you to get to hotels, convention center, restaurants and many other areas quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to seeing you there!