Assembly Parking & Shuttle

The Assembly Shuttle service will operate on a set schedule and will pickup and drop-off at contracted hotels as well as the offsite parking location. We have contracted with Total Transport Solutions to operate our shuttle system. The locations that the shuttle will serve is color coded: Red—Rosen Inn at Pointe; Blue—Spring Hill Suites/Hyatt Place; Green—Tru by Hilton; Purple—Dezerland Parking Lot. To ensure you are boarding the correct shuttle, please note the color for each individual route. Arrivals and departures from and to Rosen Shingle Creek will be outside of Panzacola and Sebastian Ballrooms.

NOTE: Please be aware the parking at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort is limited to overnight guests of Rosen Shingle Creek. For more information or assistance, please visit the Information Booth near the Gatlin ballroom in Rosen Shingle Convention Center.


Rosen Shingle Creek

Rosen Shingle Creek parking is reserved for Rosen Shingle Creek guests only. The only exceptions are those with a handicap placard…if space is available.

Rosen Inn at Pointe, Spring Hill Suites/Hyatt Place, Tru by Hilton

Guests may leave your vehicle and ride the shuttle to Rosen Shingle Creek. Guests of Hyatt Place may catch the shuttle at Spring Hill Suites; a five-minute walk.


General shuttle service will be available at the parking lot at Dezerland Park located at 5250 International Drive.



Wed-Fri, Jul 31 – Aug 2
7:30 AM to 11:00 PM
Sat, Aug 3
6:30 AM to 11:00 PM
Sun, Aug 4
7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Final Pick Up Times

Hotels & Parking Lot
10:00 PM
Rosen Shingle Creek
11:00 PM


    Rosen Inn at Pointe

    Spring Hill Suites / Hyatt Place

    Hyatt Place guests can walk 5 minutes to this pickup location or utilize the Dezerland parking lot.

    Tru by Hilton

    Dezerland Parking Lot